Euruko 2022 talk on trunk-based-development

Two weeks I gave a talk at Euruko 2022 on trunk-based development with the full title of From massive pull requests to trunk-based development.

Here is the talk description:

Massive, long-lived pull requests are often such a headache. In this session we go through a move into a trunk-based development source-control workflow which eliminates the need for these “code avalanche” pull requests.

After short introduction of trunk-based development and the fears people have for implementing it, we will go through concrete examples, lifted from a production system, of code, architecture, and workflows to tackle those fears when working on improving the development and deployment happiness of the team working on the application.

After this talk the attendee are emboldened to start their own trunk-based development journey or excited to apply some of the techniques from the talk to their existing development processes and codebases.

And video here:

And slides here: