Year in books 2015 & 2016

Last year I missed the posting of the yearly reading update so this post covers both 2015 and 2016.

I managed to hit my reading goals and they were also good reading years in quality.

In 2015 I read 82 books (24 of them comics) and in 2016 read 65 books (20 of them comics). In 2016 I also started doing lot more re-reading of previously read books or parts of them.

Books with 5 stars

I’m not a literary critic and don’t know which books are good or bad so I give my stars according to my own feeling on how much I got out of the book and how big of an impact I estimate it having on my life.

Here’s the list:

You can view all the books I read in my Goodreads profile for 2015 and for 2016.

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You can follow the books I read on Goodreads. It gets updated when I get reading done. I’m also interested in following people with similar taste.