Syncing OmniFocus with Trello

We have started using Trello for organizing a project at Kisko Labs and to follow my Pivotal Tracker to OmniFocus adapter I created a similar for Trello.

You can specify which lists of cards are considered done so that moving a card to a “Done” list will mark them done also in OmniFocus when syncing.

To start using it, simply install the gem and start sync:

$ gem install omnifocus-trello
$ of sync

On the first run the sync will create ~/.omnifocus-trello.yml file. Follow the instructions in the file to get a Trello access token. After completing the instructions and filling the needed information, just re-run of sync and it will do the first sync. After that you can run of sync any time and it will update the OmniFocus data.

The code is available at GitHub.