Pivotal Tracker integration for OmniFocus

I use OmniFocus for my task management and I’ve been using omnifocus and omnifocus-github gems to sync issues assigned to me into OmniFocus.

I also wanted this ability for my Pivotal Tracker projects. So I wrote the needed integration code and released omnifocus-pivotaltracker. It syncs non-finished stories, tasks and chores that are assigned to you from all you Pivotal Tracker projects.

To start using it, simply install the gem and start sync:

$ gem install omnifocus-pivotaltracker
$ of sync

On the first run the sync will create ~/.omnifocus-pivotaltracker.yml file. Edit it and fill your Pivotal Tracker name and token. After filling those, just re-run of sync and it will do the first sync. After that you can run of sync any time and it will update the OmniFocus data.