Benchmarking Rails models and views

Ruby on Rails provides many helper methods and commands to help you benchmark and profile your application code. But tools are only useful if you use them. The following methods seem to escape my mind and I end up creating quick hacks for benchmarking instead of using the built-in ones. That is clearly not optimal and I wanted to tell you about these handy benchmarking helpers.


In models you can use benchmark method available as model class method. It takes a block and after running it outputs the elapsed time to the log file. Here’s an example:

def generate_large_things(users)
  users.each do |user|
    Thing.benchmark("Creating a thing") do
      thing = Thing.generate!(user)

    Thing.benchmark("Processing a thing") do

After running the code you will see something like this in the log file:

Creating a thing (0.47019)
Processing a thing (2.17420)
[other output]
Creating a thing (0.42210)
Processing a thing (4.23380)
[other output]
Creating a thing (0.39311)
Processing a thing (2.02156)

The time measurements in seconds are in parentheses. In this case we can see that the processing took more time.


For benchmarking view code Rails provides benchmark method. It works the same way as the model equivalent taking a block and outputting results to the log file. Simple example in Haml:

- benchmark "Generating chart" do
  = generate_chart(data)