Joining Kisko Labs

My second full week at Kisko Labs has started. I’ve joined them as a full-time employee and my first projects there are well under way. I’m really to happy to join this small team of talented people. Kisko isn’t your traditional software shop renting “coding resources” to the highest bidder. Their goal is to help the client get their idea off the ground and into a profitable business. I relate to their core values and appreciate their getting things done mentality.

So what happened to my previous job, being the tech guy at Idealist Digital? The co-founder Lare wanted to concentrate on coaching Scrum and other agile practices and I wanted to keep my focus on web software development. I pondered my options and after talking with the Kisko guys few times, I decided to join them. Lare, the Idealist Digital parent company Idealist Group, and I decided that Idealist Digital wasn’t needed any no more.

From now on you can get quality software development from Kisko Labs, agile training and coaching from ScrumWell (Lare’s new company) and ideas from the Idealist Group.