6th at RailsRumble 2008

We were number 6 in the RailsRumble 2008 competition. Our team consisted of me and my schoolmates Antti Salonen and Ville Ikonen. I was the Rails guy, Antti was the HTML, CSS and shininess guy, and Ville was the JavaScript guy.

Screenshot of Dense, the slideshow app

Our app was slideshow creation and presenting app that works fully inside a browser. Few slidetypes, simple interface, presenting done with S5 (standard html+css+javascript slideshow format), and a few extras like pdf export was everything needed for our easy to use app. Also one of our main advantages was that we had no forced registration. If user wanted to make presentation editable afterwards, she could give a password but it wasnt forced.

I’m really happy that people liked our app so much. There was tough competition and pretty many developers that I look up to participating in the contest. Thinking from that perspective, 6th place is not bad for a bunch of college kids :).

It was really nice to be part of the competition. Congratulations to all teams that took the effort to participate, and I’m hoping to see sequel for 2009.

Our team is here